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::. X-Principles

Our principles reflect the high ethical standards that are basis for all successful companies. Our employees understand and appreciate that their conduct must conform to these principles.

Social Responsibility
We conduct our business with fairness, honesty, integrity and respect diversity in our workplace. Human rights abuse is not tolerated at Xitlhangu and we promptly address any kind of abuse by our employees, management or business associates.

Responsibility to our Environment
We are committed to minimizing the impact of our activities in our environment. We are committed to making our planet a better and clean by ensuring that our vehicles are well serviced and use fuel which has a less impact on the environment.

Community initiative
At Xitlhangu we value the importance of playing a role in eradicating poverty and unemployment in the communities we are operating in. It is for this reason that we have adopted the Makeba Home for Girls in Midrand.

Our employees

  • We strive to ensure that all our employees maintain their professional competence and skill at all levels.
  • We treat all our employees with respect
  • We instil dedication and commitment to our employees.
  • We empower our employees through various training interventions as well as by offering bursaries.
Business Integrity
  • Compliance with applicable laws: We are committed to conducting our business in accordance with all applicable laws, rules and administrative practices that govern our industry.
  • Preventing Corruption: Xitlhangu employees are discouraged from offering, promising, demanding or accepting bribes or other undue benefits in order to obtain or retain business.
  • Business Partners: Xitlhangu will ensure that all our business partners conform to our principles and standards and the laws that govern the industry.
  • Putting our clients first: We are committed to offering our clients a superior service thereby ensuring customer satisfaction.

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